Our one and only day in Battambang


Today we embarked on a 9 hour boat ride from Siem Reap to Battambang, Cambodia. To clarify, when I say boat I don't mean this or this... I mean this. Although Mary and I were not prepared for this experience due to a shortage of food and Mary's small bladder, it was interesting to boat by the floating villages in Cambodia. http://instagr.am/p/VJoABblg2Q/

Once we arrived in Battambang, we quickly dropped off our things at the hotel and headed for the famous bamboo norry. The norry, or bamboo train, is a must do thing in Battambang, and we were really glad to be able to catch the last norry of the day even though we were not in the mood for anything after our primitive journey. To our luck, the sun was setting as we got on the bamboo trains so we weren't sitting in the Cambodian heat. Also, the sunset provided some awesome pictures (to be uploaded later).



Because the boat and norry wasn't enough adventure for Mary and I, we searched for local Cambodian food for dinner. Nearby the hotel we found a little spot - half cafe, half hawker street food. There were many locals eating, so we decided to sit down. Little did we know, the whole menu was in Khmer! I used some of the Khmer I learned in Siem Reap to order, and then a local with a little English helped us. We don't know what we ordered and ate... Maybe you can tell us? The highlight of today was talking with some adorable Cambodian children at one of the bamboo norry stations.

To travel is more than loving a place... It's loving the food, the culture, and the people.

Stay hungry, Louella

Featured Image Photo Credit: Mary Liu

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