Celebrating my Birthday in Manila Part II

This is a follow up on my last post: Celebrating my Birthday in Manila Part I. Please read for more background on this beautiful community that I grew up loving. 

This past Sunday for my birthday, I hosted a community feeding for the children of Paco, Manila and donated medical supplies and equipment that these people don't have easy access to. Albeit I miss my friends and family in America very much, this was one of the most amazing birthday parties I've ever had. And who would have thought my guests would be 200 children? I want to thank everyone for all of the birthday wishes, the gifts, and the beautiful memories I get to cherish for all my birthdays to come. A special thank you to my friends in America who virtually "bought me a drink". Thanks to you, we were able to get 200 coloring books and crayons as gifts for the children. Many of you know how much I love art and its role it holds in my life, so this made me extremely happy to be able to share the joy of art to these kids.

Lastly, thank you to Paco and the beautiful hearts in this community for welcoming me back home. No words, in Tagalog or English, can express the gratitude I have and the happiness you've given me. 

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